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Expanded Realities brings together ground breaking artistic works that explore the intersection of film and technology. This year, we’re excited to feature interactive web documentaries, 360 films, and virtual reality experiences by top artists who are pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

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Daily 11:00am - KUDOS Expanded Realities (VR/360)

JFK Memento

Chloé Rochereuil
France, 2023
40:00 mins
Sixty years after President Kennedy's assassination, "JFK Memento" chronicles the events of November 22, 1963, and the investigation that followed. Across six chapters narrated by the last living witnesses, journalists, and investigators who lived through the events, this documentary is a historical...

The Tell-Tale Rooms

Andrew Kötting
United Kingdom, 2022
12:00 mins
The Tell-Tale Rooms is an interactive 360 VR piece that leads us on a journey into artist Eden Kötting’s fantastical world. Blending immersive animation, archive and live action it celebrates the wonders of the human condition and opens the fusty doors of perception into a world of virtual realit...

Midnight Story

Antonin Niclass
United Kingdom, 2022
12:00 mins
An old lady is waiting for the last coach in a sad station. Looking for distraction, she starts observing the lonely travellers. Suddenly the pigeons manage to create a connection between them all.

Reimagined Volume II: Mahal

Michaela Ternasky-Holland
United States, 2023
20:00 mins
Inspired by Philippine mythology, the story focuses on Apolaki, Mayari, Tala, and Hanan, the four immortal children of the recently passed creator god, Bathala. Can the siblings come together to defeat their own pain and learn how to accept the devastating loss before the world their father entruste...

Champollion, the egyptian

Agnès Molia,
France, 2022
9:00 mins
Seven years after having pierced the mystery of the hieroglyphs, Jean-François Champollion enters the temple of Abu Simbel. This is a decisive moment: after a four-month expedition, he meets with the great Ramses II. He feels a mixture of passion, excitement and anxiety: what if his deciphering sys...

From The Main Square

Pedro Harres
Germany, 2022
24:00 mins
An interactive VR experience that invites the viewer to witness the rise and fall of a divided society. A civilization blossoms, with all its contradictions, only to become a danger to itself.


Mengtai Zhang
United States, 2021
30:00 mins
Portrays the director's memories of being incarcerated in a military-operated Internet addiction camp in Beijing in 2007, where internet addiction and other youth issues were treated as a severe mental disorder with sometimes violent means.

The Abandoned Library

Andy Campbell,
Judi Alston
United Kingdom, 2023
14:00 mins
In a future Northern England devasted by climate change, an environmental worker uncovers an abandoned library where books and technology have fused into the architecture and landscape to create new stories.

Wonder of Life

Wen-Chieh Chang
Taiwan, 2022
9:08 mins
On Niushou Mountain, he bid the night, waiting for the world to rise from its slumber. With the arrival of dawn, vibrant colors gradually took over the pale darkness of the night, like an endlessly recurring spell.

Stay Alive, My Son Chapter 1 & 2

Victoria Bousis
Greece, 2023
40:00 mins
Place yourself in the shoes of a Cambodian genocide survivor and pained father, to experience a transformative and inspirational journey of redemption as he reconciles 45 years in search for his lost son. By making amends with the past, we free him from his mental prison and heal his heart.

Fresh Memories: The Look

Ondrej Moravec,
Volodymyr Kolbasa
Czech Republic, 2023
10:00 mins
War in Ukraine from its beginning has taken away thousands of households and lives. Kharkiv was one of the towns which was bombed. In this immersive experience in virtual reality you look into the eyes of those who lost their homes or places closely connected with them.

Behind the Dish

Chloé Rochereuil
United States, 2022
36:00 mins
Behind the Dish is a virtual reality docu-series that lets viewers step inside the fascinating world of gastronomy.


Davide Rapp
Italy, 2022
13:21 mins
A short 360-degree documentary dedicated to the CineKursaal in Rumelange, Luxembourg's oldest movie theater, which opened in 1911 and never closed since. The CineKursaal went through the Nazi occupation, survived the devastation of World War II, resisted the growing success of television in the 1970...

Amazonia Viva

Estêvão Ciavatta
Brazil, 2022
10:00 mins
Facing the destruction of the Amazon forest, indigenous leader Raquel Tupinambá takes us in a spiritual journey into the heart of the Amazon.