Opening Night

Total: 91 mins 6 secs

Bolton International Film Festival prides itself on showcasing the best quality shorts from both home and abroad.  We return with a fanfare for our opening programme of films, a unique and diverse selection of stories from the 300 films that make up the festival. So whether it’s comedy, drama, documentary or animation, we can guarantee there will be something for everyone in this buffet of entertainment.

Wednesday 11th October Available for 48 hrs from 8:00pm
Wednesday 4th October 8:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 1

It’s A Date

Nadia Parfan
Ukraine, 2023
4:53 mins
Kyiv in 2022. A car races at breakneck speed through the city at dawn. Filmed from a subjective camera angle in a single unedited shot, this contemporary remake of Claude Lelouch’s film C’etait un rendez-vous captures the emotions in a state of emergency caused by the war.

Suddenly TV

Roopa Gogineni
Sudan, 2022
18:40 mins
A group of young Sudanese create an imaginary television station at a besieged sit-in. Interviewing protestors from around the country, they confront the violence of the regime and conjure a new Sudan.

Terra Mater

Kantarama Gahigiri
Rwanda, 2023
9:52 mins
For our land and bones. At the end of the world. Technology and waste, in our lands, our systems, our bones. Wandering our spaces, she cannot help but wonder, where is the space for healing?

Avatar Reborn

Ced Pakusevskij
Italy, 2022
1:53 mins
No longer bound by one dimensional reality, we can now use multiple extensions of ourselves to represent who we are both in the physical and digital multiverse.

3 Dialogues About the Future

Alina Manolache
Romania, 2022
13:30 mins
What is it like to navigate our world as an artificially intelligent robot? What is there to learn about homo sapiens in order to become as 'human' as possible? Three pairs of robots take us through their learning process. They track, analyse and draw information by watching people in different life...

Desire Lines

Duncan Cowles
United Kingdom, 2022
7:55 mins
Through distant observation of people walking on desire lines, a filmmaker notices a pattern in peoples tendency to cut corners, and reflects on what this might mean for the future of our planet.


Charles Di Cicco,
Gabriel Augerai,
Laurie Pereira De Figueiredo,
Romain Augier,
Yannick Jacquin
France, 2022
6:40 mins
A couple of dumb birds try their best to protect their eggs from a volcano eruption.

Ecole des Nouvelles Images


Sam Spruell
United Kingdom, 2022
10:06 mins
Robert takes his beloved 3.2 litre saloon for a spin in the neighbourhood. But his world is crumbling, and his car is merely a symptom of male vulnerability and denial.


Joe Lycett
United Kingdom, 2023
7:48 mins
Linda gets a job in a post office, but her tall tales soon raise suspicions.