Doc 60 – 2

Total: 63 mins 48 secs

A selection of indie-docs exploring the internal battles we have with ourselves, our situations and our minds.  We meet a group of men where the act of filming becomes a catalyst for opening up, whilst a negative experience for one doctor makes a positive impact on the community.  We discuss openly about the taboo subject of prenatal depression, and follow an adoptee as he delves into the archives to search for his biological mother.

Thursday 12th October Available for 48 hrs from 4:30pm
Wednesday 4th October 3:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 3 Saturday 7th October 5:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 3

The Men And The Chairs In Front Of My Window

Nick Aldridge
United Kingdom, 2022
14:39 mins
World Premiere
On the roof of the building behind where the interviewees sit is an abandoned chair that is only visible from my window. To me it came to represent the men who would sit and seemingly go unnoticed by the myriad of passers by who I think they unconsciously long to open up to.


Luke Bradford
United Kingdom, 2023
3:43 mins
A story about radical acceptance.

Within the Water

Eleanor Church,
Katharina Koall
United Kingdom, 2022
12:44 mins
World Premiere
A pregnant woman is meant to radiate unconditional love for her unborn child but what if her feelings are more complex and dark? Post-natal depression is increasingly understood but in a society that portrays pregnancy as an uncomplicated journey of maternal joy, prenatal depression is a taboo, and ...


Tomas Ponsteen
Netherlands, 2022
21:10 mins
UK Premiere
Is it a moral duty of every adoptee to search his or her biological mother? What if you don't feel the need to search and meet?

In this personal documentary Tomas, who was adopted from Brazil in 1994 as a baby, delves into the matter.

Netherlands Film Academy

All That Is Buried

Maire Tracey,
Simon Stanton-Sharma
United Kingdom, 2022
11:32 mins
UK Premiere
A short documentary exploring the contrasting inspirations, ideas and motives behind the work of four South African creatives as they seek to make sense of a post-apartheid Cape Town. Made as part of research into South African Modernism with the University of Salford, Manchester.