Sunday 8th October

VR & 360

11:00am Daily @ KUDOS Expanded Realities (VR/360)

Culture in Motion 2

11:00am @ KUDOS Gallery
Embark on a journey of self discovery with this programme of shorts that combine music, dance, fashion and experimental pieces that take you through a restless expression relating to the human condition.

Animation 4

11:00am @ KUDOS Cinema
We compare and contrast stop motion techniques within this programme where a single woman mistakenly takes a vacation at a family resort, a camping trip goes wrong with the arrival of a tempting faun, an appointment with HR takes recycling issues to another level, and the balance between good a ...

UK Shorts 6

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 1
This programme showcases the talent and diversity of our northern filmmakers. We hear the unlikely tale of the smoking dolphins over a pint in the pub, whilst a husband searches a returns factory for his missing mannequin wife.  A family finds temporary shelter in a leisure centre facility, whi ...

UK Shorts 5

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Hold on tight for this roller coaster of a ride of UK shorts where the sublime meets the ridiculous.  We meet a couple of criminals who need to clean up their act as parenthood looms, while a gang of mums turn psycho in order to get what they want. A jaded dance teacher sinks to new depths in a ...

International 1

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 3
This selection of international shorts follows people as they enter a transitional phase of their lives.  A deportation brings one refugee back towards the trouble’s she once fled, whilst a grief stricken widow is forced into isolation at the worst of times.  A mother and a daughter go o ...

Batteries Included

12:20pm @ KUDOS Cinema
Prepare yourself to be transported into a collaborative reality teetering between the real and the imagined with our ‘Batteries Included’ block.  We observe 3 robots in training as they learn to become more human, and bear witness to the aimless extras from a gaming world.&nb ...

Culture in Motion 3

12:20pm @ KUDOS Gallery
Combining fashion, music, dance and experimental film, this block examines the relationships we have with ourselves, the connections we have with others and our ability to break free using our creativity


12:50pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Sit back and unwind with a large shot of serotonin from the Bolton Film Festival laughing therapy session.  In this ‘Comedy’ block we observe a robbery shootout with a difference, a chromakey technician dreams to be seen, a couple of gardeners unearth the root of th ...

UK Shorts 3

12:50pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
This selection of UK shorts looks at the everyday relationships we have with those we know and those we’ve only just met.  We watch a mutual connection develop between two strangers who are scared to explore, while a husband isn’t quite ready to grieve yet.  A call to ...

International 3

12:50pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
As we travel from sunrise to sunset our ‘International 3’ programme takes us on a journey around the world.  Relationships are tested between a father and son as they discuss the past, and three widows experience travelling without their husbands for the first time.  We get to grips wi ...


1:40pm @ KUDOS Cinema
Found footage and archive imagery come together in this block, whether through conventional documentary or through experimental repurposing processes.  We look at Getty Images stock footage and the cost to obtain public domain footage, and social problems are ...

Culture in Motion 1

1:40pm @ KUDOS Gallery
This mixtape of shorts combines music, fashion, dance and experimental pieces that look at how the human psyche shifts from our inner and outer perspectives creating a synergy between our ideologies and identities.

UK Shorts 7

2:40pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Our ‘Made Up North 2’ selection highlights another eclectic mix of storytelling where soldiers are assigned a bereavement notification, whilst a daughter adjusts to her new life without her mother. A child is at the centre of the Pendle witch hunt, whilst an EDL member addresses his Musl ...

UK Shorts 2

2:40pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
Prepare yourself to be transported back in time with this wonderful selection of period dramas.  Emotions run high within high class society when a scandal emerges, and a duel with a difference doesn’t quite set the record straight.  A starving man is pushed into desperate measu ...

International 5

2:40pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
This block brings you an eclectic mix of storytelling from the streets. We take a trip to Ireland when a father cheats with his daughter’s friend, whilst a group of bored teenagers go searching for sexual knowledge. We visit a young kid as he gaslights a bully in order to get what he ...

Doc 60 – 5

3:00pm @ KUDOS Cinema
Using disciplines relating to cinema verite, observation and re-examining the past, our ‘Documentary 6’ block follows three diverse stories which look at helping others.  We follow a traumatised volunteer sent to Senegal as part of an NGO, watch a carpenter help the community carving out wo ...