Saturday 7th October

VR & 360

11:00am Daily @ KUDOS Expanded Realities (VR/360)

Culture in Motion 1

11:00am @ KUDOS Gallery
This mixtape of shorts combines music, fashion, dance and experimental pieces that look at how the human psyche shifts from our inner and outer perspectives creating a synergy between our ideologies and identities.

Animation 1

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 1
With this unique curation of animations from around the world we witness a sinister side to kitchen killings, whilst the mourning of a girl sparks an encounter with a father figure.  We observe the breakdown of a widower on a self-destruct mission, and join a junky as he discovers where hi ...

Doc 60 – 1

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 3
This documentary programme observes our connections with the changing landscape relating to our hometowns, communities and traditions.  We visit Bognor Regis as it battles with a bad reputation and climate change, whilst a laird of Scotland attempts to give his palace back to the people. T ...

UK Shorts 1

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 2
UK filmmakers are brought together with this fantastic selection of diverse shorts.  We take a trip down memory lane when a box of old tapes reveals a hidden secret, and a careless one night stand hints at something more serious.  A high school bully gets more than he bargained for, while ...

One Foot in Front of the Other

12:20pm @ KUDOS Cinema
This archival block takes a look back at the history of Bolton through the lens of marching and walking in response to the Winter Hill Mass Trespass of 1896. Over three successive weekends in September 1896 thousands of Boltonians marched over Winter Hill to reclaim a right of way they said had been ...

Culture in Motion 2

12:20pm @ KUDOS Gallery
Embark on a journey of self discovery with this programme of shorts that combine music, dance, fashion and experimental pieces that take you through a restless expression relating to the human condition.

Doc 60 – 4

12:20pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
In this block of female perspectives we investigate the emotional and psychological feelings of a deep fake victim, and a young mother has trouble controlling the dark nature of her subconscious.  We go back in time to 1988 and hear about a series of atrocities relating ...

Family Friendly

12:50pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
We bring families together through animations and films that both the young and the old will enjoy.  A couple of dumb birds try to protect their eggs from an erupting volcano, as the ‘innkeeper’ fails to stick to the script in a school production.  A baby thunder-god tries to ...

Batteries Included

1:40pm @ KUDOS Cinema
Prepare yourself to be transported into a collaborative reality teetering between the real and the imagined with our ‘Batteries Included’ block.  We observe 3 robots in training as they learn to become more human, and bear witness to the aimless extras from a gaming world.&nb ...

Culture in Motion 3

1:40pm @ KUDOS Gallery
Combining fashion, music, dance and experimental film, this block examines the relationships we have with ourselves, the connections we have with others and our ability to break free using our creativity

Animation 3

1:40pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
Artistry collides with this eclectic block of stories, styles and animation techniques as we investigate a case of identity theft on the internet, whilst a character duplicates itself to perform repetitive scenarios. Paintings melt through the rhythms of life, whilst a couple drift within an endless ...

UK Shorts 5

2:40pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Hold on tight for this roller coaster of a ride of UK shorts where the sublime meets the ridiculous.  We meet a couple of criminals who need to clean up their act as parenthood looms, while a gang of mums turn psycho in order to get what they want. A jaded dance teacher sinks to new depths in a ...


3:00pm @ KUDOS Cinema
Wake up and take action with our environmental programme, acting as a voice to serve and save this beautiful planet of ours. We venture to the Himalayas to map the consequences of climate change, while activists fall in love…but is it too late! A climate therapist is hired to help with D ...


3:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
Whether you love it or hate it, our ‘Marmite’ block will take you to a place of unique storytelling that will push you to the boundaries of independent film.  A young boy who picks his nose takes his habit to the extreme, whilst an orange ball becomes a unifying crowd pleaser. Sun ...

Doc 60 – 3

3:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
This block of films looks at the scars of conflict from freedom fighter to refugee. We visit a Spanish YPG volunteer who joins the Kurdish militia in their struggle against ISIS, and re-live a Somalian’s youth through greenscreen techniques.

UK Shorts 4

4:30pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
This block of UK short films observes the internal struggles of the human psyche as a man spins out of control with his mental health problems, and a young mum seeks therapy as she struggles to cope.  A pensioner tries in haste to feel love once more, and a family ...

International 2

4:30pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
A collection of indie shorts that uses the camera lens to pivot from the real to the contrived.  A feast for sore eyes takes place on a YouTube channel, whilst two reality stars mirror the same vulnerabilities during a shoot. We follow a lonely cameraman as he searches for his best view, and li ...


5:00pm @ KUDOS Cinema
This programme of films showcases outstanding performances from around the world which fuse breakdance, freestyle and contemporary dance pieces together with drama and documentary elements.
Many of our ‘Dance’ films also screen in the ‘Culture in Motion’ programmes within the KUDOS gall ...

Doc 60 – 2

5:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
A selection of indie-docs exploring the internal battles we have with ourselves, our situations and our minds.  We meet a group of men where the act of filming becomes a catalyst for opening up, whilst a negative experience for one doctor makes a positive impact on the community.  We discu ...

Music & Fashion

6:20pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
Prepare yourself to journey through our ‘Music and Fashion’ block which intrinsically links the latest styles and rhythms from the human playground and beyond.
Many of our ‘Music and Fashion’ films also screen in the Culture in Motion programmes within KUDOS gallery each day. 

New Arrivals 4

6:20pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
Our fantastic block of new arrivals on the scene highlights the skills and talent from our homegrown first time filmmakers.  We witness a woman with a need to fill her pie hole, whilst a hustler’s fake watches mirror his fake persona.  A double homicide sets the scene for romance, and&nb ...

International 4

6:20pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
We bring together four unique stories that feature childhood perceptions as the centre stage. We visit India to hear from a young girl who is promised a burger from a stranger, whilst an Iranian father finds it hard to handle his three year old daughter during a weekend ...


8:10pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Sit back and unwind with a large shot of serotonin from the Bolton Film Festival laughing therapy session.  In this ‘Comedy’ block we observe a robbery shootout with a difference, a chromakey technician dreams to be seen, a couple of gardeners unearth the root of th ...

Closing Night

8:10pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
All the world’s a stage in our ‘Closing Night’ curation of shorts where dramatic storytelling and outstanding performances are intrinsically linked for this evening of fun packed entertainment.  A spark starts to rekindle during a couple’s therapy session, whilst dangerous image ...